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Source Code for Arduino Based Humanoid Robot.

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     This is the basic code for rotate any servo motor attached to any Arduino board.

     But calibrating the rotating degrees and deciding which motors should run during the movement of each leg is the most tricky part of coding. It can be done by another Sketch called (Servo_Test). By testing the degree of rotation of each motors through serial communication through Arduino board, we can calibrate every motors.

Finally, the robot begins to walk after entering the value "0" in serial monitor window.

Download it here:

Meet your new personal Personal Assistant - Patrick

Patrick is the upgraded version of Hazel.

-> Easy to use

-> compact and Powerfull

Size: 462.7 Kb only

What's new?

-> Weather Report

-> Improved speech recognition

-> New theme

-> Systray Icon

Patrick - for Windows Phone 8

     This Application is inspired by famous JARVIS from Iron Man. Like that, you can talk to your phone and get basic information like Time, Date, Day and perform some basic operations like Opening settings page and exit the application by voice command.

you can follow this link to download


Download The Preview version

Size : 2MB

Minimum requirments:

1) .Net express 4.5

2) mic

3) internet connection(for meaning)

NOTE: this app speaks at your computer's default voice only. You can change it from control panel itself.

Developed Commands:

Google meaning : meaning, what?, Repeat the meaning

Response : hi, hello, hey, Thank you, thanks

Time : what's the time now?

Date : what is the date?

Day : what day is this?

Calc : calculator

Browser : browser (Only chrome or firefox)

Maximize : maximize

Minimize : minimize

Normal : normal, restore

Close : bye, close, exit

Developing commands:

Multiple user controll

Voice recognition (identifies the user by voice)

Weather report

Mail, Inbox, Notification checking

Contact informations

Switch between active windows

Improved user friendly commands and questions

Win 8 support

For more help, contact BlackStar Vvek : [email protected]

                                                              : facebook.com/blackstarvvek