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This is my speech recognition software inspired by JARVIS. Which can speak and do some basic events in windows.

Try the Basic version of the Patrick

Patrick - for Windows Phone 8

     This Application is inspired by famous JARVIS from Iron Man. Like that, you can talk to your phone and get basic information like Time, Date, Day and perform some basic operations like Opening settings page and exit the application by voice command.

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Arduino Based Humanoid Robot


Speech Recognition + Speech Synthesizer + Servo Motors = ROBOT


     This is my first humanoid robot. Right now this robot can just walk, talk, dance on my command through mobile. Connected by Arduino and Mobile through Bluetooth module. I've spent many months in solving the battery over weight problem and ended with an epic fail due to budget problem. So, finally I decided to give power from external Lead-Acid Battery.

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Future Projects

JARVIS like Intelligent personal assistant

     Of course these projects are inspired by JARVIS from MARVEL comics. Anyway I just wanted to have such gadgets, searched everywhere but kind of disappointed. So I tried to create such a gadget myself and wished to share these to everyone. That's why I created Patrick.

     Updating this Patrick upto the level by altering its own command lines will leads to AI I hope. This was my next objective. But suddenly I got another Idea of creating a robot controlled by this speech recognition!

     My ultimate aim is to create my own company to produce low cost robots for Agriculture and Drainage system. As a demo, I'm developing a humanoid robot for cleaning and house keeping. By showing this as a prototype, I can only hope to enter a job first! :-D 

   Theskind of robots are widely being used in Japan and America. The image shown is a model of Japan's Farming robot that was published in an article on 2008! Now, Why are we still declined in Agriculture? Although, the productivity problems are mainly because of Industrialization and Water level insufficient, Many farming lands are left untouched due to lack of farmers! as their children are forced to study Engineering! Many Farming lands have been sold out for Urbanization and to make their children Scholar! 

     Now, I'm aiming to cultivate crops in my own land by my own robots and create hype all over India and to show the importance of Agriculture among current generation children.

Hello everyone,

I'm Hazel, your personal assistance